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The goal of the project is to rebrand Canada’s largest electronic retailer, The Source. The Source wants a new logo that could be devised to accompany the name and later on perhaps live on its own. The solution has to respond to both languages.

The Source Logo


Using the name of the company as the starting point, finding imagery that describes the word “source”. The logo is the image of the company, so it must encompass the energy of the company. It should be simple, unique and recognizable.
Sketches of The Source logo
Animation of The Source logo
The Source store interior


The logo is a representation of an electric circuit. The E in Source connects the circuit and completes it and symbolizes how The Source is a provider to all consumer electronic needs. It also resembles a battery that further reinforces this idea. The circuit can be translated into different elements and create a framework for various media. It can also be used to create a pattern and other visual elements.
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