2D3D poster detail

A 3D paper game about Dadaism

The Social Floorplan of a Washdown Closet



2D & 3D Technical
Production for Print

The goal of the project was to create an interesting 3-dimensional game that encompasses the essence and element of the Dada movement. The game pieces need to be made completely out of paper, along with the packaging and a information piece.

2D3D brainstorm sketches


The concept is based on Tristan Tzara’s method “How to Make a Dadaist Poem”. The original method used cut up pieces of newspaper to create a Dadaist poem, and this game would be a loose adaptation of that. Using Tzara’s instruction as a starting point, the idea was to create a set of paper cubes that could be completely ripped apart and remake into something new.
2D3D game set
2D3D cubes flat


The games pieces are folded in a way that can be completely unfolded and refolded into a cube. Japanese paper was chosen to create these pieces because they would not crack upon folding and unfolding. It also added a tactile experience to the whole game.

The inside of the six cubes form a poster that contains extracts from the Dada manifesto and the Bible. A picture of a shovel, “Prelude of the Broken Arm” by Marcel Duchamp, decorated outside of the cube. Each cube is perforated to facilitate the destruction of the pieces. A manicule is placed at the edge of the cube indicating where to start tearing the cubes.
2D3D game set2D3D cube detail2D3D poster detail2D3D cubes poster