Geometry of Light book cover flat

James Turrell’s vision of light

Geometry of Light



Publication Design

The goal is to create a special edition book encompassing the work of the American artist James Turrell. The book reflects the essence of Turrell’s body of work.

Sketch of the book Geometry of light


James Turrell describes his work as an “experience of a wordless thought”. His works use light and space to create an experience for the viewer. Therefore, the book itself should represent this idea; it should create an experience for the viewer when they pick up the book.
Geometry of light book in the lightGeometry of light book in the dark
flat scan of the bookspread scan of the book


The book cover is printed with glow in the dark ink to create the experience that changes with time. To further emphasize the experience, the front and back cover are identical and devoid of text, emulating a sense of bewilderment and awe when seeing Turrell’s artwork. The title Geometry of Light can only be seen in the dark to accentuate its meaning.  The layout, inspired by the spaciousness of museum exhibitions, was kept simple to give room to the artwork.
Geometry of Light book spreads