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The texture of sound

All Melody



Visual Com II

The mandate is to create a poster promoting a concert event of the German musician Nils Frahm for his 7th studio album All Melody.

Acetone transfer of the artist's name


All Melody is born out of the studio that Nils Frahm built in Berlin, Funkhaus, and the dry well at a friend’s house on the Spanish island of Mallorca. The intention was to create a visual that could express the quality of the music, the mix between the melody and the space in which it was created.
Mind map for all melody posterBrainstorm for all melody poster
All Melody poster detailAll Melody poster text  detail


A progression of the pattern is created to represent the melody. It is combined with texture, created by transfer images, to emulate the imperfections that Nils Frahm incorporates into his music. The imperfection of the transfer images echoes the spontaneity of Nils Frahm’s music and his live performance, in which he is known for improvising.
All Melody poster detailAll Melody poster